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The tebetian lady...

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

out of curiosity I just approached this pretty lady to ask how long is it you have been staying here on this land !

she did nothing but she stretched her lips so wide and so gracefully that even I laughed !! I was hoping for an answer, I nodded and I asked again !

So the story begins in 1959.

A story a saga to achieve something on foreign land, away from family and their own mother land,

Crossing a sea and travelling so far just to establish a name of ' tibetian land '

They have seen every sun rising from one hill and setting to another.

Wind changing its way every moment and all those things I was able to see in her eyes,

Her scars and wrinkles were evident to all my questions.

And yet she was so poised and calm and generous, she was fluently talking English even though she never went to school in her life !! And lastly she said , rest story we will finish some other day by pointing at the direction forward !!❤️ .



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