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  • What is RGDian?
    RGDian is an online community platform of all the students, alumni, teachers, village peoples of Chandas Wathoda village, all connected under one umbrella, a tiny step towards creativity, connectivity, unity and enjoyment. Our contact details are available at the Contact Us page.
  • How to be a member of RGDian family?
    Yes! To be a member follow these simple steps: Click to the Log in Get registered. Become member by updating your info in: my account, profile and other information. Participate in various activity like Blogs.
  • How to be a Boger for RGDian?
    If you have to be a blog writer for RGDian, your warm welcome! Give message to 'Admin: RGDian'. (You must have been site member first.) Your request will be accepted as soon as posible.
  • How to edit 'Profile (About)' for member?
    Due to some technical issue, the profile is not direct editable on mobile, But you can copy (text from any other place) and paste that text in about section, you can also add any image directly, and save or publish. Please do not use heavy files... Sorry for inconvenience!

  -: संपादक गण : - 

              डॉ. एस. बी. धोटे                                  मा. ब. सेवलकर
              ना. ना. देशमुख                                  भा. शि. कांबळे
              वा. शा. देशमुख                                  सौ. प्रभा वा. देशमुख

*Our village: Adopted from book - Chandas Wathoda Krantidarshan
chandas wathoda warud amravti maharastra

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